SleepAway Travel Pillow - Memory Foam or Traditional Foam

SleepAway Travel Pillow - Memory Foam or Traditional Foam

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The Ausnew Sleep-Away Travel Pillow is great for the Hotel, Bus, or plane. A comfortable and hygienic travel pillow that's also great for camping, hotels, general travel, planes, and anywhere else the traveler requires.

✔️ Easy-to-use: Light-weight and compact - ideal for overnight stays away from home.

✔️ Use on top of flat hotel pillows: Being a travel pillow and being limited in size the SleepAway travel pillow can be used on top of normal hotel pillows to give you a bit of extra height if required.

The way you get the support of a contour pillow when traveling. 

Travel pillow available in two versions:

  • Deluxe Traditional foam travel pillow: Premium-grade traditional foam will give good support and superb comfort. It Will suit those who use a traditional foam pillow rather than a memory foam when at home. 
  • Viscoelastic memory foam travel pillow: The memory version is best suited for use in hotels by those who are used to the characteristics of a memory pillow. It is important to note that being temperature-sensitive the pillow will feel softer the warmer the temperature and firmer the cooler temperature.


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