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SoftPro Functional Hand & Wrist Splint

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The Ausnew SoftPro Functional Hand & Wrist Splint is adjustable and comfortable support during mild to severe flexion contractures in a patient’s hand, wrist, fingers, or thumb, a good resting hand, and wrist splint is in order. 

This hand and wrist splint provides patients with the gentle, but static positioning that they need to recover comfortably and quickly.

When adjusted and carefully strapped down, the splint allows patients wrists to be kept in place and maintain a neutral, natural position, even if the patient is inclined to pronate their wrists or move and fidget.

Made of high-quality materials, it guarantees a hygienic and more comfortable experience for you or your patients.

This hand and wrist splint is highly adjustable and easily mouldable, without the application of heat or tools.

The hand and wrist splints bend-to-fit design allows it to be adjustable all the way down to the thumb and finger rests to help for ulnar and radial deviation, ensuring proper recovery and a more comfortable patient experience.

The hand and wrist splints extra-long straps allow for patients of any size to use the splint and still maintain its proper position to guarantee safe recovery.

The straps keep fingers and the thumb in a natural resting position and prevent movement to help with contracture recovery.

The padded cover is made of an antibacterial fabric to resist odor and is removable for cleaning and laundering.

✔️ Adjustable arm, wrist, and hand troughs
✔️ No heat or tools required for adjustment, can be done by hand
✔️ Soft and comfortable padding, antibacterial, launderable
✔️ Adjustable, long, and slightly elastic straps

Comfortable – Static Position – Antibacterial Fabric – Removable Cover


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