Swivel Seat Cushion

Swivel Seat Cushion

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The Ausnew Revolving Swivel Seat Cushion is a lightweight, portable transfer aid that provides smooth and easy 360°rotation in any direction.

The Revolving Swivel Seat assists the carer to transfer a patient safely from a chair to bed, into and out of a car, etc., and helps avoid back strain.

The Swivel Seat can also comfortably assist those with limited mobility to transfer themselves. 

✔️ 360° smooth rotation
✔️ Can be used in the car and around the home
✔️ Helps reduce back strain for carers when transferring patients out of beds and chairs
✔️ Cushioned surface with a removable, washable fleece cover
✔️ Sturdy non-slip base
✔️ Lightweight and portable
✔️ Product Dimensions 395x395x45mm
✔️ Weight capacity 115k


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