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Wheelchair Cushion with Abductor (7580644573421)

Wheelchair Cushion with Abductor

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Do you have pain in your neck and shoulders? Don't be concerned! Because Ausnew has a product called the Ausnew Wheelchair Cushion with Abductor that can aid you with your difficulty.

The Ausnew abductor cushion helps position the patient and prevents the patient from sliding forward.

The abductor wheelchair cushion is designed to separate the legs or support the legs of an individual after hip surgery, spinal cord injury, or severe physical or neurological disabilities in abduction while seated in a wheelchair. 

This wheelchair cushion with abductor is a pressure relief and redistribution cushion that comfortably keeps legs in the abduction and prevents hip rotation and sliding.

✔️ HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: The cushion with abductor is made of premium quality material which makes it an effective pressure relief and redistribution cushion. The cushion retains its good quality and does not deform over time. The outside fabric is of good material, gentle and soft on the skin.

✔️ ERGONOMIC: Its ergonomic design allows for improved recovery for patients with abductor problems on the hips or legs. The abductor cushion is sturdy and stable enough to prevent patients from sliding forward and to keep legs in abduction.

✔️ EASY TO CLEAN: This cushion has a washable cover possible by either hand or machine. It may be dry-cleaned as well.

✔️ COMPATIBILITY: The Wheelchair Cushion is compatible with most sizes of wheelchairs. Hassle-free to obtain and easy to install with an equipped adjustable buckle. Its use is not only limited to wheelchairs but this can be used on chairs or in the car as well.

Width: 42cm
Depth: 42cm
Height: (not including abductor) 8cm
Capacity: 100 kg

*This product is flame retardant by the way of Polyurethane content. 

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