Wheelchair Seat Belt

Wheelchair Seat Belt

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The Ausnew Wheelchair Seat Belt is an adjustable, black, safety lap strap, which can be secured around the backrest or armrest of wheelchairs or scooters to provide a simple solution with additional security and comfort for the user.

Easily fitted to the majority of scooters and wheelchairs. Please note the lap strap is not suitable for use on vehicles traveling over 4 mph.

This product is not a toy and should be kept out of children's reach.

✔️ Lap strap to fit the majority of scooters and wheelchairs
✔️ Additional security for wheelchair and scooter users
✔️ Easily fitted
✔️ Fully adjustable
✔️ High-quality materials
✔️ Product Dimensions 15x51x1702mm
✔️ Net weight 0.11kg


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