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Adjusta Wedge Body Support

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Are you seeking for a natural way to relieve acid reflux and GERD? Ausnew provides the solution to your problem! The Ausnew Adjusta Wedge Body Support is a body support that can be adjusted to fit your needs.


The Ausnew Adjusta Wedge will give you all the benefits of an adjustable bed but without the cost. Rest in an elevated position with this two-piece back support wedge.

The Adjusta Wedge adjustable wedge pillow will keep your body in a comfortable and well-supported elevated position while you rest. The two-part construction will allow you to change the angle of the wedge to any position between 15 degrees and 75 degrees.

Elevation during sleep is an effective and natural way of managing many health issues.

When you elevate your body gravity helps prevent stomach acid from rising up the throat which eases conditions such as GERD, Barretts Oesophagus, and Hiatus Hernia.

Head colds, congestion, and post-nasal drip are also eased as elevation help to drain mucus.

Breathing issues are reduced as the airways are more open which can help with asthma, allergies, snoring, and sleep apnea

The Adjusta Wedge also provides lower back support by alleviating load bearing on the lower back while sleeping, convalescing in hospital or rehabilitation.

The adjustable bed wedge options will allow you to rest, read, sleep and relax while your body is completely supported and comfortable. Can be used with or without a pillow depending on the user's comfort needs and requirements.

All the benefits of an adjustable bed but without the cost. Rest in an elevated position wherever you go with the two-piece Adjusta wedge.

Key Benefits of the Adjusta Wedge

✔️ Allows you to sleep and rest in an elevated position
✔️ Two part reconfigurable construction
✔️ Variable angle between 15 degrees and 75 degrees
✔️ Portable and lightweight
✔️ Perfect for reading, relaxing, television, and recovery from illness or surgery
✔️ 100% Australian made
✔️ Provides good support for head and neck
✔️ Adjusts up or down as required
✔️ Can be used in conjunction with the Knee Relaxer for a total zero-gravity feel
✔️ Suitable for use with any contour pillow or neck support
✔️ Easy to remove cotton slip for easy laundering


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