Adjustable Raised Toilet Seat

Adjustable Raised Toilet Seat

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The Ausnew Adjustable Raised Toilet Seat can make bathroom trips less challenging and more comfortable for the mobility-impaired.

Adjustable Toilet Seat Raiser helps take the challenge and discomfort out of bathroom trips by increasing safety and maximizing mobility.

Safety handles make it easier for the mobility-impaired to sit down on and get up from the toilet. The arms flip up for wheelchair-to-toilet transfers.

This is a simple adaptive device that is easy for seniors as well as their caregivers to install and use. The riser attaches to most standard toilets and the seat can be adjusted to increase height.

Convenient armrests flip upwards to assist with the chair-to-toilet transfer. The raiser’s smooth surface is easily cleaned with a favorite cleaning wipes — or wash it off in the shower.
Take the challenge and is comfortable out of bathroom trips by installing this raiser.

Fits most standard-sized toilets.

Height can be adjusted to provide 80 mm, 120 mm or 160 mm rise.

Convenient installation fits over existing toilet seat hinges.


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