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Anti-Snore Jaw Brace - 2pcs (8120824561901)

Adjustable Anti-Snore Belt Chin Straps

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Sorry, but it's true that your snoring is upsetting and likely infuriating a partner or family member. The Stop-Snore Jaw Brace from Ausnew can help you stop snoring.


Sleeping with your mouth open will most likely result in you snoring. This happens because if you breathe in through your mouth the air hits the back of the throat directly and creates massive vibrations in the soft tissue which results in snoring sounds. Many snorers have this problem because they sleep with their mouths open.

Snoring research has shown that a jaw supporter, keeping the lower jaw in an upward position increases the three-dimensional space in the airway, and reduces air velocity and soft tissue vibration. This action can eliminate or substantially reduce snoring!

The stop snoring chin strap helps to keep your jaw and mouth closed while you sleep and encourages you to breathe through your nose. The elastic strap goes around your jaw and the back of your head which helps to keep your mouth shut at all times during your sleep.

It is an easy-to-use89 and comfortable device that fits all heads due to the adjustable elastic strap. It is also washable and very easy to store.


✔️ Light, soft, breathable, adjustable, and eco-friendly.
✔️ Easy to use and cost-effective.
✔️ High quality flexible fabric suitable for both men and women.


Circumference between 40cm - 69cm


Package Includes:
2x Stop-Snore Jaw Braces


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