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Circulation & Support

Circulation Bed Wedge, Cushions & More

At Ausnew Home Care, we know that circulation and support are important issues for many of our customers. We also know the right support designed for your specific issues can make all the difference.
Whether you are looking for a supportive pillow to read in bed, or a wedge to support your body during recovery or rest, or even a maternity pillow to help you get a good night's rest, we have a product designed just for you and likely made right here in Australia.
Our Supportive pillow and other products like mattress toppers, cushions, memory foam, etc. offer snoring relief, side sleeping solutions, and more to help you get the comfortable rest you deserve.
Facilitating healthy blood circulation is a concern for many people, so we have offered a number of simple, direct solutions.
An angled sleeping wedge can help promote healthy blood circulation in people suffering from many different health concerns.
Pregnant women can also find significant relief with the help of a pregnancy support pillow designed to support their bodies during this crucial time.


Healthy Circulation is Important

Blood circulation provides many essential benefits to the body:

1) Waste products are removed from all parts of the body

2) Vital nutrients are delivered to speed healing of injuries

3) Muscles and other tissues are kept in optimal condition

4) The brain and other vital organs are nourished with oxygen

People recovering from surgery are sometimes counseled to use an angled pillow during rest precisely because this item promotes healthy blood circulation.

Better Rest

An angled sleeping wedge can also provide relief from snoring. Snoring is caused by muscles of the jaw relaxing; the soft tissues of the tongue and throat fall together instead of allowing the clear passage of air.

A snoring relief pillow helps return the head and neck to an optimal position for airway support.

This helps decrease the heavy, rattling snoring characteristic of a partially obstructed airway.

The sleeper is able to obtain a more satisfying night's rest and so is their partner.

Whether you are looking for a solution for snoring, a simple way to promote healthy blood circulation, or for a little extra comfort during pregnancy, angled pillows can help.