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Foot Circulator

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The Ausnew Foot Circulator can help is great for managing poor circulation and improving circulation through your feet and legs.

The Foot Circulator is a simple solution to poor circulation in your feet and lower limbs. Simply push, roll and move your feet against the adjustable foot circulation support and you will help to revitalize and your feet and limbs by increasing blood flow in a safe to use - drug-free method. 

The Foot Circulator will help promote healthy circulation by encouraging the blood in your legs that are loaded with CO2 and waste to be replaced by fresh oxygenated blood. 

Benefits of the Foot Circulator:

✔️ Speeds recovery from any type of foot surgery, leg surgery, ankle surgery, toe surgery, and Achilles surgery. 

✔️ Encourages better circulation for better health and general wellness. 

✔️ Fantastic and safe for older folk and those with limited ability to exercise. 

✔️ Will benefit those at risk of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) by encouraging circulation through body movement. 

✔️ Aids recovery, general movement, and lower leg exercises. 

Suitable in a variety of places:

✔️ On the plane or when traveling to encourage circulation while sitting for long periods. 

✔️ In the couch, watching television, or reading. 

✔️ In the office or study - just keep it under your desk and use it from time to time.

✔️ At the dinner table.

✔️ Can be used when standing with one foot on and one foot off for extra benefit (hold on to something to keep your balance. 

Containing an adjustable insert the Foot Circulator can work at either a height of 11.5 cm or 14 cm depending on preference. 

Also can be used either way round depending on which way you find most comfortable. 

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