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Foot Reliever

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Do you have swollen legs? Worry no longer with the Ausnew Foot Reliever; this leg raiser also aids in blood circulation and helps relief soreness, which is fantastic, right? Purchase today!

The Ausnew Foot Reliever Support - A Contoured Leg Support that elevates the leg and allows the foot and ankle to sit in the air without any pressure to provide relief following foot surgery, ankle surgery, toe surgery, bunion surgery, or relief from ankle soreness or foot soreness.

Designed for use on the bed to elevate feet and help aid circulation and vascular drainage at the same time.

Will provide even weight distribution which may help with a back strain. The Foot Reliever is ideal after surgery and by taking pressure off the heels it minimizes the potential for pressure sores to develop and provides relief from any existing pressure ulcers. 

The contour will elevate and support the leg and help to cradle post leg surgery or foot surgery and help with relief from all issues relating to the foot, ankle, and toe.

Will help minimize toe pain, foot pain, and ankle pain by removing all contact from the mattress to these areas. 

Adjustable - it can be used at two different angles.

✔️ Cradles and comforts the calves and scalloped for your thighs.
✔️ Removeable Inner Wedge allows you to customize
✔️ Gets your feet up and relieves pressure from your feet, ankles, and toes.
✔️ Relax and get your feet up. 
✔️ Foot Reliever gently elevates your legs to ease back pain 
✔️ Relief for feet, ankles, toes, and bunions.
✔️ Contour shape provides full support for your legs.
✔️ Affordable and versatile.
✔️ Hand washable soft and comfortable removable padded cover with zipper.
✔️ Poly cotton tailored slips available.


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