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Foot Step Stool with Cross Brace (6161891197096)

Foot Step Stool with Cross Brace

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The Ausnew Foot Step Stool has a non-slip rubber surface, is strong, reinforced, sturdy, and with a high safe working load

Bariatric medical stools are designed with durability and high weight tolerance. Non-skid surfaces assure for safe incline with steel tube legs with rubber ends for durability.

Cross brace strengthened design, ideal on slick medical facility floors. The compact size allows for placement and easy storage.

Medical, bathroom footstep stools have a range of uses despite their small, niche design. The non-slip, rubber grip surface and rubber-ended ‘feet’ means the medical footstool can be placed safely on hospice floors or areas that are deemed slippery otherwise, while also assuring that users will not suffer any accidental harm.

The high weight integrity of 150kg and large surface area means many individuals can use it for testing motor skills, reaching higher places, and even temporarily resting heavy objects upon it.

✔️ Construction free one-piece compact design.
✔️ Rubber grip nubs, surface, high weight integrity for no-slip grip, applicable to all surfaces.


Stool Top Size: 36.5×25 cm
Stool Footprint 39×33 cm
Height 24 cm
SWL 150 kg
Material Steel & MDF

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