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Inflatable Donut Seating Cushion + Air Pump (8162720317677)

Inflatable Donut Seating Cushion + Air Pump

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Round seat cushion helps provide comfort and helps prevent bedsores. It is also ergonomically designed to evenly distribute your weight and provide painful areas for pain. 

The unique inflatable design is more comfortable than a traditional cloth pad. According to the needs of the different parts of the patient, the air cushion inflates underneath the corresponding part to transfer pressure and relieve the patient's pain. With our included air pump, you can quickly and easily inflate your cushion.

This round anti-decubitus cushion is made of comfortable and durable very soft PVC material. Not only does it adapt to your body, but it also provides excellent cushioning, while reducing pressure on the tailbone and buttocks and promoting a healthy posture.

Inflate the cushion to fit your needs. For a firmer cushion, add more air using the pump. If less pressure is required, deflate the cushion to adjust it. The cushion will conform to the shape of your body and is non-slip.

✔️ Comfortable Seat Cushion
✔️ Inflatable
✔️ Soft Material
✔️ Multipurpose
✔️ Adjustable Firmness
✔️ Pump Included



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