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Max Bed Pad Teal Blue (7576061968621)

Max Bed Pad Teal Blue

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Do you have a patient who is having incontinence issues? Well! Don't be concerned! Because Ausnew offers a product that can keep liquid for up to 8 hours! The Teal Blue Max Bed Pad.

The Ausnew Max Bed Pad Teal Blue also known as a bedwetting mat, holds over 2500mL of fluid over 8 hours. 

✔️ The bed pad is suitable for single or king single beds and measures 1m x 1m (39.4" x 39.4") plus tuck-ins.  

✔️ Soft stay-dry top layer, highly absorbent slim core, breathable PUL waterproof backing, and is extremely lightweight.  

✔️ It has durable polyester tuck-ins on each side to tuck under the mattress for extra security.  

✔️ The Max bed pad is an absorbent bed pad designed to ‘trap’ or absorb fluid; ensuring a comfortable; dry night's sleep.  

Simply place the bedwetting pad on top of the bottom sheet; colored side up; and tuck the side panels under the mattress. Lay directly on the bed pad. |

The user will feel most comfortable when wearing underpants or light clothing (from the waist down) as heavy clothing may feel wet.  

*Fabric softeners should also not be used as this affects the absorbency

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