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Naturelle Latex Roll

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Looking for a multi-purpose pillow that helps with your back,neck and legs? This pillow is for you. Built to aligned spines, relaxes muscles and frees tension.

The Ausnew Naturelle Latex Roll is used as a postural comfort aid behind the neck, back, under knees, as a leg spacer, and under ankles to take the pressure off the heels. 

Aligns the spine, relaxes muscles, frees tension. 

✔️ The Naturelle Latex Roll Cushion works along your body

  • Provides effective side positioning
  • Provides forward positioning and roll control

✔️ Use the latex roll under knees to provide support to legs

  • Elevates knees to reduce leg and lower back pain
  • Diffuses pressure points, helps alleviate tension in the lower back
  • Alleviates leg pressure

✔️ Between Knees provides cushioning for your legs

  • The shape allows for positioning options.
  • A leg spacer to alleviate tension in the hips.
  • Holds legs apart following hip surgery.
  • Provides leg/knee abduction to prevent pressure and skin damage.

✔️ Under Ankles

  • Off-loads heels for zero pressure
  • Reduces swelling
  • Improves blood flow to the lower limbs
  • Under ankles to take the pressure off the heels

✔️ Use Under back to provide lumbar support to the spine

  • Compresses to form ellipse for correct spinal alignment
  • Use to treat lower back pain
  • Use as back support in the car, office chair, or wheelchair

✔️ Use Under neck as a neck support roll

  • Maintains the normal anterior curve of the cervical neck region during rest and sleep.
  • Maintains the normal curve of the cervical neck while sitting.


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