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Round Shower Stool (7564065308909)

Round Shower Stool

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When you need something behind your back, spin around with this Ausnew Round Shower Stool instead of bending over and that's the least of your worry!

The Ausnew Round Shower Stool is a safe product designed as an aide in the bathroom.

Durable in moulded plastic, the Economy Shower Stool benefits from height adjustable legs. Offering you a stable base to sit on whilst you wash in the shower, this great value support makes your daily routine safer and more comfortable.

Rubber ferrules on its four feet make it sturdier and its lightweight construction makes it easy to use when traveling.

Easy push-button height adjustment on telescopic legs accommodates different users. Non-slip, non-marking feet provide stability.

✔️ Capacity 110 kg
✔️ Seat Size ⌀
32 cm
✔️ Max. Footprint
32 × 32 cm
✔️ Seat Height
35.5 – 53 cm

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