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Scooter Weatherproof Mac

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Are you on the search for a rain poncho? If that's the case, Ausnew has the Scooter Weatherproof Mac for you. With these products, you won't have to worry about getting wet when riding your scooter in the rain.

This Ausnew scooter weather cover encapsulates the scooter providing a totally dry environment for you and the controls.

The snug-fitting pack-away hood ensures that your only exposed part has maximum protection.

Providing a dry and safe environment, the tailored front allows the cover to be used with either 3 or 4 - wheeled scooters, and the clear front improves your safety by allowing your lights and indicators to be seen whilst being protected.

The back panel goes over the back of the scooter protecting anything in your Back Sack.

✔️ Keep yourself and your scooter dry and warm in all weathers
✔️ Will fit over the majority of 3 wheeled scooters
✔️ Will fit a pull apart or small scooter
✔️ Will not work on scooters with large mirrors
✔️ Elasticated skirt for the perfect fit
✔️ Clear rainproof viewing panel for your scooter controls
✔️ Built in hood
✔️ Length from back to front: 112cm

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