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Telescopic Wheelchair Ramp

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Do you use a mobile device to help you? Do you have trouble climbing the stairs or getting into and out of the car? Worry is a thing of the past because Ausnew offers a tool that could assist with the Telescopic Wheelchair Ramp.

These compact, lightweight and durable Ausnew Telescopic Channel Ramps are ideal for providing access to houses and cars for wheelchairs, scooters, walkers and rollators.

Each 2-section, extending ramp is constructed from lightweight, rust-free aluminium and they are supplied with an easy-carry bag, making the ramps extremely portable and convenient to store.

The ramps also feature top and bottom lips and a non-slip, black-gritted surface for safety.

These versatile ramps feature security locks to fix the ramps to either the folded or collapsed length. The Telescopic Channel Ramps are available in 2 lengths.

✔️ Lightweight robust construction
✔️ Provides access to cars and homes for wheelchair and scooter users
✔️ Gritted surface for increased grip
✔️ Compact with carrying bag for ease of transport

Net Weight & Weight capacity 

4ft - 5.15 kg 
Weight capacity: 180kg

5ft - 7kg 
Weight capacity: 272kg

6ft - 7.1 kg 
Weight capacity: 272kg

7ft - 9.1 kg 
Weight capacity: 272kg

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