Ausnew Home Care | $35 million plan to get young people with disabilit

$35 million plan to get young people with disabilities out of aged care and into their own homes

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Toowoomba man Jason Moore can't wipe the smile off his face as he speaks of the new home he will soon move into as part of a $35 million housing initiative.

Mr Moore, 50, has lived in an Endeavour Foundation home since 1992 and shares accommodation with nine other people.

But his new home will be spacious, include all the modern conveniences and is a short walk from his work and shopping centres.

"[It's] very special, it was one of my dreams," Mr Moore said.

Four people smiling at a construction site. Ausnew Home Care, NDIS registered provider, My Aged Care
Endeavour Foundation CEO Andrew Donne celebrates the launch of the program with future residents.(

ABC Southern Qld: Elly Bradfield


Initiative to tackle shortage of disability accommodation

Endeavour Foundation provides services to people with an intellectual disability who need support in-home, work and daily life.

Chief executive Andrew Donne estimates 1,716 people require specialty disability accommodation in Queensland, with the need "far outstripping" what is available.

"Sadly, there are 5,600 Australians with disability aged under 65 living in aged care, and this is unacceptable.

"The time for action is now."

A man in a red cap with a large smile shaking hands with a minister in a suit.
National Disability Insurance Scheme Minister Stuart Robert launched the initiative in Toowoomba.(

ABC Southern Qld: Elly Bradfield


Mr Donne said the homes would feature integrative technology to help people live as independently as possible.

"Through this initiative we will replace homes for 252 people with intellectual disability and create new homes for another 100 Queenslanders," he said.

'We want every Australian to have the opportunity'

The first phase will include new homes in Toowoomba, Bundaberg, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, Gold Coast and Townsville, targeting areas of growing need.

"This will provide a tremendous amount of relief," Mr Donne said.

"[This is] the biggest investment ever made by Endeavour Foundation."

A cement slab at a construction site.
Construction has started on some of the new homes to be built in Toowoomba.(

ABC Southern Qld: Elly Bradfield


National Disability Insurance Scheme Minister Stuart Robert said there were 15,500 Australians with specialist disability accommodation in their plan.

"We want every Australian to have the opportunity … to have something amazing to move into."

Source: ABC

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