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Case Study - Thien gets active in the community

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By partnering with a community organisation and using a person-centred approach, Ability Options Coordination of Supports (CoS) staff have been able to make a huge difference in the life of participant, Thien.

Thien was living in a group home, but did not involve himself in house meetings and spent most of his day in his room.

The CoS team identified that Thien had a language barrier and drafted a plan to assist him with being heard and attending activities that meet his cultural and social needs. 

Dennis Rodgers, Thien's support coordinator, worked with Maple Community Services to engage a Vietnamese speaking support worker to work with Thien twice a week. Since then, Thien has been able to get out and about and feel more connected to his culture and community.

"After Ability Options arranged a Vietnamese speaking support worker for me, it’s been great!” said Thien. “I’ve been able to visit the Buddhist temple, borrow Vietnamese movies from the library, and try the Beef Pho at a few local Vietnamese restaurants." 

House Manager Nicole says this simple adjustment to Thien’s supports has made a significant difference to his life. 

"This has been an amazing outcome for Thien,” says Nicole. “He’s been able to attend and contribute to house meetings and regularly attend local activities that suit him and his cultural needs. We are so happy for him." 

Thien looks forward to visits from Helena, his support worker, and she enjoys planning community participation activities that suit Thien. 

"Thien loves watching Vietnamese movies. I take him to the library so he can borrow the ones he likes,” says Nicole.  “He’s recently shown an interest in playing ping pong too, so that’s the next activity I’ve planned for him.”

Source: Ability Options

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