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Disposable bed/chair pads: guards against spills on your furniture

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Do you get tired of doing laundry every now and then? This disposable pad is perfect for bed and chair and eliminates the need for laundry. 
Solutions for bedding, chairs, and beds that offer discreet, absorbent protection against bladder leaks. Pads keep your furnishings and mattress safe while also allowing you to sleep peacefully all night. Save your furniture, money, and time!

Introducing the Ausnew  Bed / Chair Pads Disposable

The Ausnew Disposable Bed / Chair Pads are disposable incontinence pads for men and women.

Designed to offer a hygienic and comfortable solution to protect beds and chairs.

Highly absorbent disposable pads suitable for the protection of bed and chair pads. They are ideal for use alongside a shaped pad and mattress covers, for maximum protection. 

Once a patient is diagnosed with incontinence, they can get overwhelmed and feel embarrassing. There is a wide array of patients who think that they will not be capable of performing daily activities anymore.

They worry that owing to incontinence accidents, they cannot leave homebound. Incontinence Bed Pads are worth mentioning in this aspect as they are beneficial in managing incontinence on your own.


Features and Benefits of Bed/Chair Disposable Pads

When you or a loved one is experiencing incontinence, there are a few reasons why you should have disposable pads on hand. 


✔️ Hygienic protection for beds and chair
✔️ Soft facing for improved comfort
✔️ Waterproof backing for protection
✔️ Lightweight 75g per pad
✔️ Absorption 600ml / 1400ml
✔️ Dimensions 60 x 60cm / 90 x 60cm
✔️ Value packs of 25


Product Reviews

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