Ausnew Home Care | Enhance Mobility and Hygiene with Ausnew’s Sterile 750ml Leg Bags

Enhance Mobility and Hygiene with Ausnew’s Sterile 750ml Leg Bags

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Sterile 750ml Leg Bags (7549796417773)

For individuals needing a discreet and sanitary solution to manage urinary needs, Ausnew’s Sterile 750ml Leg Bags offer a blend of comfort, convenience, and safety. Designed with user-centric features, these leg bags cater to various preferences and lifestyles, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users.

Why Choose Ausnew’s Sterile 750ml Leg Bags?

Sterile 750ml Leg Bags (7549796417773)

Urinary leg bags are essential for individuals requiring continuous urinary drainage. They offer the convenience of mobility without sacrificing hygiene or safety. Ausnew's Sterile 750ml Leg Bags are specifically crafted to meet these needs with a host of advanced features:

Key Features

  1. Sterile Construction The leg bags are sterilized, minimizing the risk of infection and ensuring the highest standard of hygiene for users. This feature is crucial for preventing complications and promoting overall health.

  2. Versatile Inlet Tube Options Users can choose between 10cm or 30cm inlet tubes. This flexibility allows the leg bags to be tailored to individual needs, ensuring comfort and convenience in various situations.

  3. Anti-Reflux Valve The inclusion of an anti-reflux valve is a significant safety measure. This valve prevents urine from flowing back into the bladder, reducing the risk of infection and other complications.

  4. T-Valve Outlet The T-valve outlet facilitates easy and controlled drainage. This design makes it simple for users to empty the bag, maintaining convenience and hygiene.

  5. Comfortable Flocked Backing A flocked backing ensures that the leg bag is gentle against the skin. This feature is particularly important for individuals who need to wear the bag for extended periods, as it minimizes irritation and discomfort.

  6. Secure Button-Up Elastics The leg bags come with button-up elastics that provide a secure and adjustable fit. This ensures the bag stays in place during daily activities, offering peace of mind and freedom of movement.

Practical Applications

Ausnew's Sterile 750ml Leg Bags are suitable for a wide range of users, including those who:

  • Require urinary management due to medical conditions.
  • Need a discreet solution for incontinence during travel or outings.
  • Are recovering from surgery or medical treatments requiring continuous urinary drainage.



The Sterile 750ml Leg Bags from Ausnew are designed with the user’s comfort and safety in mind. Their advanced features ensure they meet the highest standards of hygiene while providing practical and versatile solutions for urinary management. Whether you need a reliable option for daily use or a secure bag for travel, Ausnew’s leg bags deliver exceptional performance and peace of mind.

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