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Enhancing Bathroom Safety and Comfort with a Raised Toilet Seat with Armrests

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The bathroom is one of the most essential areas in a home, but it can also be a source of concern for many individuals, especially those with mobility issues or limited strength due to age or medical conditions. The simple act of using the toilet can become a challenging and potentially hazardous task. Fortunately, there are assistive devices available to improve bathroom safety and ease of use. One such device is the raised toilet seat with armrests.


What is Ausnew Raised Toilet Seat with Armrests?

The Ausnew Raised Toilet Seats with Armrests is a convenient, ergonomically designed raised toilet seat. Designed to fit the majority of toilet bowl shapes.  With tough PVC molded seat made from lightweight plastic for easy cleaning.  Securely clamps into position on toilet pan and has 3 adjustable heights. 


Product Features

✔️ Ergonomically designed for comfort
✔️ Smooth aperture interior for easy clean
✔️ 3 height settings
✔️ Will fit most toilet suite
✔️ With lid
✔️ Soft padded flip-up armrest
✔️ Removable handlebars
✔️ Weight Capacity 136kg
✔️ Width between the arms 47cm 


Benefits of Ausnew Raised Toilet Seat with Armrests

1. Increased Accessibility: One of the primary advantages of a raised toilet seat with armrests is the enhanced accessibility it offers. This device elevates the height of the toilet seat, making it easier for individuals with mobility limitations to sit down and stand up. 

2. Stability and Support: The built-in armrests provide crucial stability and support when using the toilet. They offer a secure grip for users to hold onto while sitting down or getting up. 

3. Reducing the Risk of Falls: Falls in the bathroom are a common cause of injuries, especially among older adults. The combination of a raised toilet seat and armrests can significantly reduce the risk of falls. 

4. Hygienic and Easy to Clean: Many raised toilet seats with armrests are made from durable, easy-to-clean materials. This is important for maintaining proper hygiene in the bathroom. 

5. Versatility: These assistive devices come in various shapes, sizes, and materials to accommodate different preferences and needs. Some models offer padded armrests for added comfort, while others may be adjustable in height to suit individual requirements. 

6. Independence and Dignity: By using a raised toilet seat with armrests, individuals can maintain their independence and dignity when using the bathroom. This can be especially important for those who prefer to age in place, avoiding the need for assisted living facilities.


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