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'It means the world to me'

Acessibility Artist dance performer Restless Dance Theatre

Michael Hodyl is now a tutor to younger dancers.(Supplied: Restless Dance/Shane Reid) 

For dancer Michael Hodyl, a long-time member of Adelaide's Restless Dance Theatre, there have been "lots of chances out there to dance".

"Everyone has a lot of faith in me," he said.

Dance has been formative for Hodyl.

"[It allows me to] show my personality, my passion... I feel comfortable on stage."

Now that he's a tutor for Restless, he's been able to share his skills and passion with younger people with disability.

"[Being a tutor] means the world to me," he said.

Michelle Ryan, artistic director of Restless, sees one of the key barriers to access as audience perceptions.

"We did a show at the Adelaide Festival and we never used the word 'disability' in any of the copy and we got a very different audience. I think people were surprised at the skill level of all our dancers. It would be great if people would expect excellence, rather than be surprised."

Source: ABC

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