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Last minute backflip from NDIS on Support Coordination

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Buried in an announcement about the end of some of the changes made to the NDIS as a result of the COVID19 is the news that participants will NO longer be able to buy or top up Support Coordination out of their core budget.

This will come into effect on Monday.

Yep that’s right – in two days time.

Bit of background – at the beginning of the pandemic last year the NDIA said they would allow people who did not have Support Coordination in their plan to purchase it from their Core funds. This was to help them reorganise their supports in the face of the impact of the pandemic.

They also said that people who did have Support Coordination in their budget but did not have enough hours could “top up” their hours and pay for it from their Core budget.

Both of these things will now end on Monday.

We will say it again – in two days time. Two days.

In October last year the NDIA announced these changes would continue. And now with two days notice they are announcing it will end.

It goes without saying that this doesn’t provide people with enough time to reorganise themselves or their supports.

People who were counting on that help now won’t have it available to them.

This is a backflip with a triple twist.

And sprung on people at the very last minute.

So if this affects you feel free to let the NDIA know just want you think about their gymnastic feat.

You can read the announcement on the NDIS website 


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