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Maintaining Hygiene and Independence with Shower Commode Chairs

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Introducing Shower Commode Chairs

Shower commode chairs play a crucial role in helping individuals with mobility challenges maintain their hygiene and independence. These chairs are designed to provide a safe and comfortable bathing experience, allowing individuals to shower and use the toilet with ease.


The Benefits of Shower Commode Chairs for Caregivers and Family Members

Shower commode chairs not only provide numerous advantages to individuals with mobility challenges but also offer significant benefits to caregivers and family members.

✅Ease of Assistance: Shower commode chairs are specifically designed to make caregiving tasks more manageable. They feature adjustable height, armrests, footrests, and backrests that enable caregivers to position individuals comfortably and safely during transfers and bathing.

Enhanced Safety: Safety is a top concern for caregivers, especially when assisting individuals with limited mobility in the bathroom. Shower commode chairs are equipped with safety features such as non-slip surfaces, locking casters, and sturdy construction. These features minimize the risk of accidents, slips, and falls, providing a secure bathing environment for both individuals and caregivers.

Reduced Physical Strain: Bathing and toileting tasks can be physically demanding for caregivers, especially when lifting and transferring individuals. Shower commode chairs eliminate the need for repetitive bending, lifting, and awkward positions, significantly reducing physical strain.

Time Efficiency: Shower commode chairs offer time-saving benefits for caregivers. By combining showering and toileting functions into one chair, these chairs eliminate the need for multiple transfers between different areas of the bathroom.

Increased Independence for Individuals: When individuals with mobility challenges can safely use a shower commode chair, they can gain a greater sense of independence and autonomy. This, in turn, reduces the level of assistance required from caregivers. By promoting independence in personal hygiene routines, shower commode chairs allow caregivers to focus on other aspects of care, enhancing the overall caregiving experience.

Choosing the Right Shower Commode Chair: Factors to Consider

  1. Mobility and Accessibility Needs

  2. Weight Capacity

  3. Size and Dimensions

  4. Material and Durability

  5. Safety Features

  6. Comfort and Support

  7. Cleaning and Maintenance

  8. Portability and Storage

  9. Budget

  10. Reviews and Recommendations


Introducing the Ausnew Aquatec Ocean Shower Commode - Self Propelled

The Ausnew The Oceans are designed by engineers at Aquatec in Germany.

The Aquatec uses high-quality castors meaning the Ocean chairs can be pushed with ease, improving comfort for the carer and patient.

The gas spring on the VIP is very powerful, so angle-adjustment is smooth and requires minimal effort through the use of a lever.


Product Features

✔️ Stable Stainless Steel Frame
✔️ Tool-less, height-adjustable seat and footplate
✔️ Ergonomic, flip-up armrests are also height adjustable (Allen key required - supplied)
✔️ Washable, tension-adjustable backrest with quick-release buckles
✔️ Ergonomically-designed seat
✔️ Four braked castors for optimum safety
✔️ Easy to clean with removable seat and smooth surfaces
✔️ Full range of accessories available (NB: Transit version can be retrofitted to self-propelled model with 610mm/24" wheels)
✔️ Maximum weight capacity of 150Kg (with armrest width extension)


Customer Product Reviews


Additionally, we offer a variety of Shower Commode models as well as other items that can assist you or your carer with day-to-day activities. You can reach us by calling (02) 9159 6183, sending an email to, or visiting our website at

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