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Mobility Scooter Rear Trailer: Assists you in transporting your cargo

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Mobility Scooter Rear Trailer, Ausnew Home care, NDIS Approved

A new area of mobility transport with the ILS ADL Rear Trailer for mobility scooters. Made from heavy-duty shock-resistant recyclable plastic, this 72L cargo trailer can help you transport and store goods using your mobility scooter. 

If you are ready for an added level of freedom in your mobility then this product is for you. With a removable cover to protect your cargo or belongings from dust or rain Compliant most of the scooters with a square tube receiver located under the scooter.

Introducing The Ausnew Mobility Scooter Rear Trailer


This robust, large capacity Mobility Scooter Trailer has been re-designed, adapted, marketed and sold specifically and solely for attaching to and for Mobility Scooter attachment use.

Allowing the freedom of independence and the convenience of load or cargo mobility for scooter users, all-weather, all-terrain, simply hitch up and go. 

Benefits of Mobility Scooter Rear Trailer


 Convenience of load or cargo

 Can be used for all weather conditions

 Can be used for all-terrain

 Can be used for outdoor activities or shopping

 Can be used for transportation


✔️ With a removable cover to protect your cargo or belongings from dust or rain

✔️ Compliant to most of the scooters with a square tube receiver located under the scooter seat

✔️ Made from shock-resistant recyclable plastic

✔️ 2 in 1 – Scooter trailer & hand wagon

✔️ 72 Litre capacity

✔️ Convenient, versatile and sturdy transportation for large or heavy items when using your mobility scooter outdoors ideal for shopping or outdoor activities.

✔️ *Fits most all scooters with a 25mm x 25mm internal size rear tube accessory receiver socket below the rear of the seat.

Size: 24''x17''x11.5''

Weight capacity: 40kg

Tyres: Pneumatic tires with nylon rim

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How to Assemble

 Mobility Scooter Rear Trailer (6546734121128)

  1. Attach forward-facing the drawbar with the two nuts and bolts provided into the corresponding holes at the front of the trailer frame. 
  2. Insert both wheels into the axle ensuring the retainer clips have secured the wheels in place,
  3. Insert the tow ball bar into your scooter accessory socket, secure, attach all reflectors on the trailer frame, red to the rear, place tow hitch over tow ball and secure with D pin restrictor. 
  4. Ensure all nuts and bolts are tight and secure, fasten the cover with Velcro straps over the trailer box. 

You are now ready to use your new trailer, ENJOY. :) 

Carefully check prior to use and periodically during use all bolts, nuts and safety pins, making sure they are properly tightened and locked. 

Be aware always that the use of this trailer increases the length and width of your scooter, avoid sharp and tight turning, practice and become familiar with it attached to your scooter prior to full use. 

To disconnect the trailer from your scooter simply remove the trailer from the tow ball, or release the turn screw from the seat rear accessory socket and slide out the trailer complete with a drawbar. 

This trailer is intended to carry house goods only and NOT human passengers!

 Maximum load 40kg, Tyres are to be checked prior to use and periodically for correct inflation of 25psi.

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