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Mum supported me for a long time, now it's my turn to support her

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Heywire winner, Reece

I was back in Katherine, doing bad stuff. Breaking in. Drinking.

Mum helped me get back on track. She never gives up on me.

She got me a job at a cattle station.

I'd worked on different stations in the Northern Territory and in the Kimberley.

I'm from Elliott, it's 700 kilometres north of Alice Springs.

I felt homesick working on different stations, far from home. But I had to work to stay on track.

I knew I had to make a change and needed a break from station life.

I knew if I came to college, I'd have lots of support.

When I first moved into a dorm at college, I was scared that the big guys were going to tease me.

I'd seen movies where the new kid always got bullied.

I took a deep breath and introduced myself.

"Hey, my name is Reece. What's your name?"

"Hey brother, welcome to Yirara college." He said he was from Finke.

I said: "Where's that country?"

He said: "Just down the road."

I said: "Your country is close enough. My country is a long way away."

Then that young fella said to me: "Don't worry, every boy here is a long way away from their family."

I'm a long way from my family and my country because I want to be able to work on my health, get my footy going.

My Mum's depending on me. I've gotta be a man to look after her.

I'm proud of the work I've done to support myself, and her.

I'll be able to go back to working on cattle stations if I want, having graduated high school. Or I'll try another industry, to experience something different while I'm young.

I've got a big future ahead — looking after myself and my Mum.


Source: ABC

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