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NDIA welcomes release of Autism CRC report on early intervention

Autism Early intervention spectrum

Media release: 9 November 2020


The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) has today welcomed a report into early intervention approaches for young people with autism.

Earlier this year the Agency engaged the Autism Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) to undertake an independent review of the best available evidence for supporting children on the autism spectrum.

The report provides a comprehensive review of the current evidence about non-pharmacologic interventions for children. 

The research project was compiled by some of Australia’s leading autism experts, covering lived experience, research and clinical fields.

Autism CRC has today released the report, which will not only assist the NDIA in continuing to adopt the best approaches for young people with autism, but provide important information and guidance for parents and carers of children with autism.

In coming weeks the NDIA will summarize the findings of the review in a discussion paper before extensive consultation with participants, families and the autism and early childhood development sectors.

This consultation will help inform policy and ensure the NDIS continues to provide clear guidance on the best early intervention approaches for children with autism.

“There are more than 120,000 Australians with autism that are being supported by the NDIS, and more than 8,000 children receiving supports through the Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) approach,” NDIA spokesperson Shannon Rees said. 

“We know how important quality, evidence-informed early intervention is for supporting child development and independence, and it’s important to ensure the right interventions are in place.

“It’s vital that the Agency continues to conduct important research like this, which can help inform our decisions going forward and assist children and their families to choose interventions that are more likely to have a positive effect for their child and positively impact family outcomes.

“The release of this report is an important step in improving participant experience and early intervention support for children on the autism spectrum in the NDIS.” 

Summaries of the research and interventions are also available. The full report is available for download on the Autism CRC website.

ource: NDIS Latest News

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