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Seniors' Soft Head Protection: Excellent fall and bump prevention

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Seniors are especially vulnerable to the devastating effects of head trauma. Ausnew offers soft head protection for seniors. If an accident occurs, these head shields protect them from suffering serious injuries.

Introducing the Ausnew Soft Head Protection for Seniors

One in three seniors (65 and older) who fall require medical attention in 30% of cases. Older people's veins and arteries are more susceptible to a quick strike or shock to the head, which frequently results in severe injury.

The Ausnew soft head protection helmet cleverly designed to be both practical and attractive. Helps your head extra protection from impacts and injury. Use as a fall injury management device.


Features and Benefits of Soft Head Protection for Seniors

✔️ A stylish medical helmet for adults is suitable for those with conditions such as epilepsy, autism, or Parkinson’s disease and helps to protect them from falls and bumps.

✔️ Full 360-degree protection without being bulky while looking discrete.

✔️ Light and breathable enough to sleep comfortably in while protecting against those high-risk night trips to the bathroom. 

✔️ Discreet, functional, and easily adaptive. Soft Head Protection for Seniors fits most with an adjustable Velcro back panel and adjustable chin strap.

✔️ Made with breathable padded foam, internal terry lining covered with honeycomb fabric to absorb impact.

✔️ Washable by hand or machine in warm water. Air dry flat.


Product Specification:

Approximate fit: 53 – 77cm
circumference: (adjustable)


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