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Soft Ear Wax Cleaner: The Safest Way to Clean Your Ears

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Traditional cotton swabs can be dangerous to use when removing earwax.
Push too far and the swab can cause pain or push wax deeper into your ear.
So we recommend this Soft Ear Wax Cleaner, safer than other cotton swabs. 

Introducing the Ausnew Soft Ear Wax Cleaner

Clean your ears in a smart way with the Ausnew Soft Ear Wax Cleaner! Simply twist the handle and the soft, flexible tip with spiral grooves easily removes the earwax.

The tips of these earwax removers are made of silicone. Adopting 2.5 cm elastic material design, long enough to remove earwax and protect the ear without damaging the eardrum, it's safer and more effective than other cotton swabs. Only need to tighten the handle in the direction of the arrow to remove earwax. The soft silicone rotating head not only has the function of cleaning the ear canal, but also has the function of massage.



✔️ INNOVATIVE DESIGN — It enables you to break up and remove excess wax that is hard to reach with a standard cotton swab. Unlike cotton swabs, which may further push the wax inside, one side of the cleaner is a mini brush to clean your ears and the other side of the tip is a scoop to capture excess wax.

✔️ SPIRAL GROOVED HEAD — Soft, spiral-grooved head is designed to go the perfect distance in your ear, without hurting it. 

✔️ EASY TO USE — Simply place the spiral grooved tip into your ear, twist, and remove your earwax. 

✔️ PAIN-FREE  Unlike cotton swabs that can go too far, the soft and flexible silicone head is designed to extract excessive wax safely and comfortably.

✔️ PORTABLE — You can put it in your handbag and use it everywhere.

✔️ SAFE — Safe to use for every member of your family, even for children.


Do's and Don'ts of Ear Cleaning

✔️ Don’t Use Cotton Swabs - Cotton swabs are not made to go into the ear canal (it even says so on the package). It’s OK to clean your outer ear with a cotton swab as long as you can resist the temptation to use the swab in your ear canal. First and foremost, a cotton swab can push earwax back toward the eardrum, leading to a possible wax blockage.

✔️ Do Practice Good Ear Hygiene - Your ears require very little care when it comes to cleaning because earwax naturally migrates from the ear canal to the outer ear where it dries and flakes. For most people, a simple wipe with a washcloth or tissue a few times a week will remove any earwax that’s in the outer ear.

✔️ Don’t Fall For Gimmicks - Most people don’t need complex ear cleaning equipment and in fact, some over-the-counter remedies may damage your ear canal. Another method to avoid is ear candling. It involves placing a hollow tubular candle in your ear and lighting it, supposedly to draw out wax. It doesn’t work and is dangerous.

✔️ Do Know When To See Your Audiologist - If your hearing seems muffled and think you have a wax blockage, your audiologist has the tools to fix the problem. They can examine your ears and determine how best to remove excess wax. 


Why chose Soft Ear Wax Cleaner?

1. It protects and moisturizes the skin of ear canal.

2. Suitable for young and adults.

3. Safe to use other cotton swabs.

4. Cleans excess ear wax.

5. Easy and Compact for travel use.

6. The ear wax cleaner is reusable.


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