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The realities of relationships with disability: 'It's almost like we're not regarded as sensual beings'

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Like bodies, relationships can take all sorts of forms.

Take Andy and Rachael, who have been in love for 12 years. Andy has a visible difference. A significant curvature of the spine due to the condition Marfan Syndrome. He is striking, tall and long-limbed. A well-known poet, the couple met at the launch of a literary journal in which he was featured, at a bar in Melbourne.

"We ended up standing next to each other and got talking," Andy says, looking at Rachael with his warm eyes.

"It felt like a very natural thing. We were both mid-30s. At that stage, I had not been in a relationship before so I was becoming reconciled to the fact that I would be single."

Their attraction left an impression on Rachael, so much so that when she got home, she read Andy's poetry and boldly emailed him. The rest is history.

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