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EZ Toothpaste Squeezer (8165518082285)

EZ Toothpaste Squeezer

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The Ausnew Toothpaste Squeezer is a simple yet innovative tool that makes squeezing toothpaste out of its tube effortless and mess-free. Made of high-quality plastic, this compact and durable device is designed to fit all standard toothpaste tubes.

Using the Toothpaste Squeezer is incredibly easy. Simply insert the tube into the slot at the top of the device and turn the handle clockwise. The toothpaste will be squeezed out of the tube and onto your toothbrush in a clean, controlled manner, without any wasted product or mess.

With its ergonomic design and smooth operation, the Toothpaste Squeezer is ideal for people of all ages and abilities. Whether you have limited dexterity or just want a more efficient way to get the most out of your toothpaste, this handy tool is the perfect solution.

✔️ Helps to reduce waste
✔️ Compact size
✔️ Suitable for most products stored in tubes
✔️ Ideal for people with a weakened grip

Product Dimensions

Package includes: 
3x Toothpaste Squeezers

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