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Economy Bedside Crash Mat | A must-have for elders and children to avoid falls-related accidents.

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Cushioned bedside crash mats protect against injury from rolling off the side of a bed during rest. Three sectioned for storage and used. 

Introducing the Ausnew Economy Bedside Crashmat

The Ausnew Economy Bedside Crash Mat is soft and high energy-absorbing foam. Easy To Store and very cost-effective. Avoiding injury from falls is crucial especially in hospitals and nursing homes. Bedside safety floor crash mats are used to reduce and prevent injury when a patient or resident rolls off or slips from their bed on to the floor. 


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Features and Benefits

✔️ Lightweight, durable material for lasting lifetime
✔️ Two year warranty accompanied by ergonomic design for storage
✔️ Lightweight and easy to carry, accessible for multiple bed sizes
✔️ Designed for easy storage, resists mildew
✔️ Soft, high-impact, and high-energy absorbing foam
✔️ Flame retardant, easy to clean

✔️Injury Protection from involuntary movement
✔️Soft & High Energy-Absorbing Foam
✔️Anti-slip material
✔️Trauma prevention
✔️ Easy To Store


Product Specification

Weight: 3 kg
✔Length – 1750mm
✔Width – 600mm
✔ 2-year warranty
✔ Fast Shipping
✔ 100% Secure Shopping

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