Ausnew Home Care | Sit and Squat Stool | Ideal Bathroom Accessory For Anyone Who Wants To Poop Better | NDIS Approved

Sit and Squat Stool | Ideal Bathroom Accessory For Anyone Who Wants To Poop Better

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Sit and Squat Stool (7939957194989)
The use of a toilet stool and maintaining a healthy sitting posture can prevent intestinal diseases.

Introducing the Ausnew Sit and Squat Stool

Sit and Squat Stool (7939957194989)

This stool is ergonomically designed and suitable for adults and children.
It can help prevent numbness caused by long squatting, which is good for our health.

✔️ Ergonomic designed to smooth the process of waste elimination
✔️ Relieve constipation and straining
✔️ 8.5 inches height - The most comfortable height
✔️ Strong and durable construction
✔️ Non-slip Rubber foot grips
✔️ Easy to clean

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Sturdy Stool for You

Sit and Squat Stool (7939957194989)

Made of sturdy plastic to survive use, this beginning squatter is our most popular. It is a foot-grip equipped toilet seat that is simple to clean and made for squatting. This shouldn't be the first step. Reduced strain and a natural squat stance are the goals here in order to properly unkink your colon.

Shaped to Fit Toilets

Sit and Squat Stool (7939957194989)

This sleek toilet stool can fit around a toilet base to its curves. When you need to use the restroom, it tucks away underneath and is ready to help. The slight incline forces you to squat and relax the puborectalis muscle by elevating your feet so that your heels are higher than your toes.

Human bodies perform more efficiently if we squat when we poop, rather than if we sit. Sit and Squat stool offers a way to achieve the most efficient way to eliminate with our bodies in a squat instead of seated position.

  • Reposition your body from 90° to 35° to naturally loosen your puborectalis muscle
  • Can reduce time on the toilet
  • Easily eliminate the strain
  • Dimensions: 1 (L x W x H): 39x22.5x17cm

Sit and Squat Stool (7939957194989)

No More

  • Pain Going To The Toilet
  • Painful Constipation
  • Hurtful Hemmoriod pain
  • Clogged Up Waste In Your Body
  • Uneccecery Pain From Ibs
  • Straining When Going To The Toilet
  • Colon Disease
  • Pelvic Floor Issues
  • Urinary Difficulty

The Sit and Squat Toilet stool puts your body in the natural position for optimal elimination. This doctor recommended stool helps you poop better with a more complete elimination.

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