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I've got a rare disorder. But it's not who I am. I'm an artist

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Heywire winner, Janet

I remember when I fell in love with art.

I was in grade 1 and my painting of green, purple and golden butterflies fluttering around won first prize at the Grafton Show.

I have painted ever since.

My perfect day is a day filled with painting. Sometimes I paint at home. Sometimes at school.

I pick up a brush and let it glide and swirl on the page like magic.

I listen to the sound of the brushes on paper, blasting rock music as I swish the paint around.

The room is alive with happiness and action. But at the same time, it is calm.

I have Sotos Syndrome, which is a rare genetic disorder. It means sometimes I can lose self control and I get obsessed about things.

Sometimes people just don't understand me.

But I am sure it makes me more creative in my artworks because I can get very focussed on certain things.

This disability gives me an extra ability!

I have painted close to 100 paintings this year — and I have given many of them away.

I love the feeling of joy I get when I give a painting away, especially to my teachers.

I ask my teachers questions about their favourite places, cities and even flowers.

And then I paint them.

One of my favourite things to paint is dogs.

I don't really like spending time with dogs, but I am very happy to paint them!

I have painted portraits of all my teachers' dogs.

When I finish school I plan to move to the city and become an entrepreneurial artist — yep, I'm going to sell my paintings.

And I have another plan, I'm always going to come back to Grafton in October and paint the purple jacarandas.


Source: ABC

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