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Key Safe: Securely Storing Keys Outside Your Home

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The key safe is specially designed for the safe storage of keys, which is the best solution when you need to fix the key in a safe place. There are more than 10000 possibilities in this 10 digit button key, making it harder to guess a combination of code that can set and change the requirements you need. 

Introducing Wall Mounted Key Safe

Wall mounted key security solution is useful for storing spare keys and preventing lock outs from being suitable for cleaning or maintenance services after children's access to school and home health care, Emergency access, vacation, forgetting a key, visit from relatives or friends, etc. through this code package, you can access your keys.


✔️ 10 Digit Mechanical Key Safe

✔️ Wall Mounted with Supplied Fixings

✔️ Weather Resistant with Removable Rubber Cover

✔️ Easy, Quick Fitting and Setup

✔️ Full Instructions Supplied

Benefits of Wall Mounted Key Safe

✔️ Keep all your spare keys safe with this key storage

✔️ You can leave the keys safely so that the children can return after school

✔️ For an elderly member of the family, you must go regularly or simply to store your keys safely in case   you lose them during your travels

✔️ Allows secure storage of house keys or even cash

How to Use


✔️ Carefully remove all packaging. Avoid using any knives or other sharp                instruments as this may damage the product.

✔️ Check the product for any visible damage. If you see any damage or                  suspect a fault, do not use your product, but contact your supplier for                  support.

✔️Please read these operating instructions carefully before you operate the           lock or try to change the combination of numbers. 

NB. The Key Safe is delivered without a code – you need to save your chosen code the first time you use it. 


✔️Push the CLEAR button down

✔️Push the OPEN button down

✔️You can now open the cover 


✔️Choose your code (minimum 3 digits). We recommend using a 4 digit, nonconcurrent code with no repeated numbers, e.g. 4827 rather than 4485 or 8787.

✔️Remove the back panel (#14) of the cover by removing the screw (#15) with a screwdriver.

✔️Set your chosen code by turning the corresponding plastic screw (#7) behind the number by 180o so that the arrow on the screw (#7) points down. Repeat for each digit in your chosen code.

✔️You have now saved the code and the back panel can be replaced onto the cover. 


✔️Push the CLEAR button down 

✔️Type the code in • Push the OPEN button do

✔️You can now open/remove the cover or replace it to close the Safe 


Please make a check of the product at regular intervals or if you have any concerns. 

Ausnew Home Care is your go-to source. We offer Wall Mounted Key Safe for purchase, so visit the Wall Mounted Key Safe  product area to get the Wall Mounted Key Safe you need quickly and easily. 

For further information on any of our products please visit our website Ausnew Home Care or you can reach us via email or call  (02) 9159 6183 our friendly staff who are happy to help.



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