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Sports Ability

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Sports Ability is a fun, interactive and free program being delivered to schools in Northern NSW.


Paralympian David (DJ) Johnson engages young people with his achievements as an elite athlete and stories from the Sydney 2000 Olympics, speaks about bullying and inclusion, and teaches key skills in custom designed sports wheelchairs.

Students are encouraged to ask lots of questions with an aim to remove awkwardness, break down assumptions and misconceptions, and open avenues for understanding and respect.


Programs such as Sports Ability have been shown to increase awareness, foster inclusion and improve attitudes toward disability.

“Sports Ability is all about inclusion. So, maybe if these young people have a friend who has a disability, they can modify the game, or choose another that can include everyone from the start,” DJ said.

“We’ve come a long way, but more education is definitely needed.

“Children learn so much from speaking with someone who has a disability. They can find out all the things they been able to achieve in their lives, and not be so quick to judge and make generalisations when they next see or meet someone else with a disability,” DJ said. 



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