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Toilet Support Arms | Increases independence in those with limited mobility

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With the right aids and assistive products, a user can get the support they need in order to use the toilet without the assistance of a caretaker. As our muscles grow weaker as we age, we get more insecure and the simple things like getting on and off a toilet include a potential risk. 

Introducing the Ausnew Toilet Support Arms

The Ausnew Toilet Support Arm By Etac is a fundamental tool used for safety during and after toileting. Toilet Support Arms can be a valuable aid. They provide the user with stable support and something to lean on when getting up or sitting down and for some people, it makes them able to use the toilet on their own. 

Supporter is simple to mount without the need for any tools. It fits both floor and wall mounted toilets. If space around the toilet is limited, Supporter can be used with only one arm support.


Features and Benefits of Toilet Support Arms

✔️  Excellent superior product.

✔️  Aids patients, clients, and home-based individuals safely when toileting.

✔️  5-year warranty, 150kg capacity,

✔️ Directly mounts to the toilet,

✔️ Available as fixed or adjustable,

✔️ Contoured hand grips,

✔️ Easy to clean

✔️ Detachable arms

✔️ Ergonomically designed and suitable for both adults and children

✔️ The materials used for manufacture include powder-coated arm supports and frame, melamine lid and seat, and superior aluminum mountings

✔️  Safety, quality, versatility, and functionality


Product Reviews

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